20 octobre 2022
Engin de chantier

Vue d'un engin de chantier démolissant des gravats de béton (Allemagne, 2012).

© Henry Czauderna - Fotolia




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The  future  market  of  phosphate  rock  is  in  a great extend controlled by changes in supply and demand of fertilisers used in agriculture and strongly connected with the global population growth


•In the natural world, phosphates – characterised by the PO43- radical – are the main carrier of elemental phosphorus P.

•Phosphates form a mineral class of about 200 species (class VIII in Strunz Classification), although most members are quite rare. Most important and abundant is apatite Ca5(PO4)3(F, Cl, OH).

•P is one of the six main building blocks of life (together with oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, nitrogen and carbon).

     Vital for all life on planet earth. 2nd most abundant element in human body after Ca (bones, DNA, RNA, etc.).